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About Lakeville Juniors


Lakeville Junior Volleyball provides developmental volleyball teams and programs to Lakeville youth grades two through nine. At the present time, Lakeville Juniors organizes and sponsors several volleyball offerings for school-age Lakeville boys and girls.


  • A community-based fall and spring in-house volleyball league for boys and girls grade 1-6

  • Volleyball skill training for girls in grade 4-6

  • Fall and winter USA Junior Olympic teams (Lakeville South HS attendance area only, grade 3-8)

  • All players are welcome, regardless of skill level. We try to provide a positive sport experience with an emphasis on skill development and training in the great sport of volleyball.


Lakeville Junior Volleyball exists to promote and develop youth volleyball for any school-age girls in the Lakeville community, regardless of school attendance. Except for our Junior Olympic offerings, as much as possible, Lakeville Juniors programming is community-wide.




The mission of Lakeville South Juniors is to promote youth volleyball development in Lakeville through affordable, high quality volleyball training and competitive teams.




  1. Volleyball success depends on a foundation of all-around skill development. Young players benefit from instruction and playing experience that includes all core volleyball skills.

  2. At the core of athletics is the desire to compete. Players benefit by maximizing opportunities for competition against other teams and players.

  3. Volleyball should be an inclusive activity. Opportunities should be available for players of varying commitment (time), financial (money), or skill (experience) levels.

  4. Volleyball enhances our community. Youth sports should be a starting point for players to develop leadership skills and impact Lakeville and beyond.

  5. Community youth sports have unique advantages over other settings. Players benefit from connections with their school community and classmates through volleyball.

  6. Youth sports are in partnership with whole community. There should be a shared vision to support volleyball in the Lakeville community from the elementary through high school level.

  7. Sportsmanship is at the core of any athletic achievement. Players should always treat others (competitors, coaches, officials, spectators) with fairness, courtesy and respect.


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